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Feature highlights and pricing for the top VDI platforms

What do the top VDI platforms have to offer? Get the skinny on the most popular software and the key features that differentiate them.


Four options for third-party VDI assessment tools

Before you take steps to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure, it's a good idea to use VDI assessment tools to track resources, app usage and more.


How Windows RT apps differ from those for Windows 8

Tablets running Windows 8 RT may use only Metro apps downloaded through the Windows store; 32- or 64-bit applications won't work, says our expert.


Hyperthreading, cache distinguish Core i5, i7 processors

A laptop processor comparison differentiates Intel's chips by their cores, hyperthreading and cache, which affects speed.


How to allow multiple users to share an Excel workbook

Public folders allow users to share an Excel workbook, but OneDrive and Windows 8.1 HomeGroups might be better.

Sec officesuite 2014 01 article

Why the Office 2013 suite still beats Microsoft Office alternatives

Microsoft Office alternatives such as OpenOffice may be catching up, but the Office 2013 productivity suite has kept its lead in terms of features

Sed usbimagetools 1 desktop article

Using tools to back up and restore bootable USB device images

Do you have more install or diagnostic environment images to manage than physical UFDs? Learn how to back up and restore bootable USB device images.

Senterprisedesktop mousesettings touchpad article

Windows 8.1 boot to desktop and other timesavers

Windows 8.1 boot to desktop, Charms and touchpad settings are among the new operating system options that can empower admins and users.


Windows 8 open source media player provides alternative for users

Although the open source Songbird music player was discontinued, there are Windows 8 open source alternatives, such as Nightingale.


Zero client buying guide

There are lots of client options to choose from for VDI. Get the details on four of the most popular zero clients and how they can meet your needs in this buying guide.