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Smallbusiness article

6 Must-Have Tools for Small Business Efficiency

As a small-business owner, it’s a no-brainer that relying on purpose-specific tools rather than manual processes will help you regain time. For nearly every type of business function, there's an app (or service) tailored to small organizations.

Let’s look at six tools that can increase your efficiency and save you more time.

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Make Fast Decisions with Business-Value Dashboards ...

Managers and executives love dashboards. For good reason: they provide a concise view of business and IT metrics that are important for making quick decisions.

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When IT Needs to Do More with Less, Automation Delivers ...

Automation as a service automates routine IT tasks, such as server provisioning and change requests, helping to free up time for IT staff to focus on higher-priority issues.

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5 Efficiency-Loving Features of Microsoft Office 365 - CenturyLink ...

It’s time to reclaim minutes, and maybe even an hour, from your daily schedule. The latest iteration of Microsoft Office 365 includes handy features that equate to major time-savers and easy collaboration. Let’s look at five key features of Microsoft Office 365 that unlock employee efficiency and enhance overall productivity.

Endpoint protection 100597560 primary.idge article

10 must-ask questions for evaluating EDR tools | CIO

Are you thinking about investing in an endpoint detection and response solution? These pre-purchase questions will help you find the tool that meets your needs.

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Security sergeynivens article

Stopping the Insider Threat: Securing Your Business from Employees

An insider threat – someone inside your network who is maliciously or accidentally causing havoc – is one of the most dangerous risks facing organizations today. Find out how to prevent or deter damage from an insider threat using both no-tech and high-tech solutions.

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Google identity services article

Are IoT Devices Putting Your Organization at Risk?

In the offices of today's small and midsize business, you might find a vast array of smart devices, such as printers, cameras, utility sensors and door locks, all of which can communicate with other devices through wireless connections. Even the staff break room is beginning to benefit from next-generation technologies, such as smart refrigerators and smart coffee makers.

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False identity 100604862 primary.idge article

10 questions to ask IDaaS vendors before you buy | CIO

Of the Everests that IT faces daily, identity and access management is a particular challenge. These 10 questions help you find a solution that delivers what you need.

Security article 014 article

Insider threat detection tools that sniff out dangers from within

Learn about the insider threat detection tools that can zero-in on anomalous user behavior. Malicious or accidental, the insider threat is one of the most dangerous and costly to companies.

Certificate article

5 Great 'Starter' Cybersecurity Certifications

Looking for a career change in the new year? There's no better time to consider a career in cybersecurity: U.S. businesses and government agencies are spending billions of dollars each year to protect their data and assets from malicious attacks, with Forbes reporting that $170 billion will be spent worldwide by 2020.

Search security article

How to craft an effective DevSecOps process with your team

Switching to a DevSecOps model in software development offers many benefits, but combining security and DevOps takes knowledge, forethought and planning.

Searchnetworking article

Identifying the IT operations analytics product your enterprise needs

This guide to IT operations analytics tools explains how ITOA works so networking pros can determine the most important features and assess vendor offerings.

Shutterstock 161527127 w 600 mobility article

Best Mobility Certifications For 2017

Mobility has taken IT by storm, forcing management to rethink everything from big-picture infrastructure design to the details of integration among wired and wireless networks. And of course, mobile certifications are following suit.

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Best Data Center Certifications For 2017

Owing to software-defined data center technologies, many of today's data center certifications require additional skills, including virtualization and cloud computing. Other trends affecting this space include big data, the Internet of Things, network virtualization and more. Here are some of the very best options for data center certifications for 2017.

Hacking w 640 eccouncil article

EC-Council Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

EC-Council offers some of the best-known ethical hacking and penetration testing certifications. This guide will help you get started with EC-Council's popular CEH and LPT credentials as well as other information security certs and career paths.