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I write articles about Windows, IT security, certifications and the like, and develop online and on-ground courses.

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How to craft an effective DevSecOps process with your team

Switching to a DevSecOps model in software development offers many benefits, but combining security and DevOps takes knowledge, forethought and planning.

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Identifying the IT operations analytics product your enterprise needs

This guide to IT operations analytics tools explains how ITOA works so networking pros can determine the most important features and assess vendor offerings.

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Best Mobility Certifications For 2017

Mobility has taken IT by storm, forcing management to rethink everything from big-picture infrastructure design to the details of integration among wired and wireless networks. And of course, mobile certifications are following suit.

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Best Data Center Certifications For 2017

Owing to software-defined data center technologies, many of today's data center certifications require additional skills, including virtualization and cloud computing. Other trends affecting this space include big data, the Internet of Things, network virtualization and more. Here are some of the very best options for data center certifications for 2017.

Hacking w 640 eccouncil article

EC-Council Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

EC-Council offers some of the best-known ethical hacking and penetration testing certifications. This guide will help you get started with EC-Council's popular CEH and LPT credentials as well as other information security certs and career paths.

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Best Database Certifications For 2017

Savvy, talented and knowledgeable database professionals are always in demand. Here are some of the best certifications for DBAs, database developers and anyone else working with databases.

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Best Mobile App Development Certifications For 2017

Spending your certification dollars on a mobile app development certification could be a very smart move.

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Best Computer Forensics Certifications For 2017

Computer forensics is a challenging IT discipline and experienced and certified professionals are in high demand. Yet computer forensics certs remain something of a wild frontier. From two dozen available credentials, we list the five best options for 2017.

Datacenter article 020 article

How to extend the life of an old PC

Some employees might use old PCs that could use replacing. But if a hardware refresh isn't in your budget, there are some steps you can take to lengthen laptop and desktop lifespans.

Vulnerable 100686705 primary.idge article

12 hardware and software vulnerabilities you should address now ...

Hardware and software that live past their end-of-life dates pose serious risks to organizations. Find out which assets you should update, upgrade or replace ASAP.


What IT needs to know about unified endpoint management

In "Unify to Simplify: One Management Tool for All Devices" e-Handbook

IT administrators used to have separate tools to manage PCs and mobile devices. Today, there are tools that handle nearly all types of clients, although some do it better than others.

Bnd encryption article

A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption

Image credit: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

Encryption is a difficult concept to grasp, but it's a necessary part of protecting your business's sensitive data. At a basic level, encryption is the process of scrambling text (called ciphertext) to render it unreadable to unauthorized users. You can encrypt individual files, folders, volumes or entire disks within a computer, as well as USB flash drives and files stored in the cloud.

F5networks w 640 article

F5 Networks Certification Guide: Overview And Career Paths

If cutting-edge data center and cloud optimization technology is your thing, take a look at what F5 Networks has to offer.

Netapp conv cover 1000px 265x193 article

Converged Infrastructures for Government

The history of technology is dotted with significant steps forward, and convergence is one of them.

It pro to manager w 640 article

How To Successfully Transition From IT Pro To IT Manager

If you're ready to advance your IT career to the next level, here are some tips on transitioning from a technical role to the management side of IT.