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I write articles about Windows, IT security, certifications and the like, and develop online and on-ground courses.

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12 hardware and software vulnerabilities you should address now ...

Hardware and software that live past their end-of-life dates pose serious risks to organizations. Find out which assets you should update, upgrade or replace ASAP.

Bnd encryption article

A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption

Image credit: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

Encryption is a difficult concept to grasp, but it's a necessary part of protecting your business's sensitive data. At a basic level, encryption is the process of scrambling text (called ciphertext) to render it unreadable to unauthorized users. You can encrypt individual files, folders, volumes or entire disks within a computer, as well as USB flash drives and files stored in the cloud.


Converged Infrastructures for Government

The history of technology is dotted with significant steps forward, and convergence is one of them.

F5networks w 640 article

F5 Networks Certification Guide: Overview And Career Paths

If cutting-edge data center and cloud optimization technology is your thing, take a look at what F5 Networks has to offer.

It pro to manager w 640 article

How To Successfully Transition From IT Pro To IT Manager

If you're ready to advance your IT career to the next level, here are some tips on transitioning from a technical role to the management side of IT.

Simp cover 1000px 265x193 article

Hyperconvergence in Government

As technology evolves, so does the IT infrastructure. One of the hottest trends in data center architecture is hyperconverged infrastructure, a means of reducing data center footprint and costs while boosting operational efficiency.

White hat hacker w 640 article

How To Become A White Hat (Ethical) Hacker

Ethical hacking is the perfect career choice for those interested in problem solving, communication and IT security. Here's what it takes to become a white hat hacker.

Come in open article

How to get started with a private Windows Store for Business | CIO

Windows Store for Business lets admins find suitable apps for their organization, acquire them in bulk and distribute them through their own private ‘storefront.’ This offers much-needed control, but its greatest benefit might be that your users won’t have to wade through thousands of apps to find what they need.

Cyber risk profile article

What your cyber risk profile tells insurers | CIO

The purpose of a cyber risk profile is to assess your organization's insurability. The work you do upfront can go a long way toward ensuring you get adequate cyber insurance coverage and a better rate to boot.

Cio article

How (and why) to customize the Windows 10 Start menu | CIO

The Windows 10 Start menu is a blend of navigation from Windows Phone and Windows 7, and it's highly customizable. We’ll walk you through it.

Conf call article

8 awesome (and sometimes free) conference call services | CIO

Conference call services want your business — even those that offer free plans — and their feature sets are getting better all the time.

Insurance 100596526 primary.idge article

What is cyber insurance and why you need it | CIO

Cyber insurance can't protect your organization from cybercrime, but it can keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur.

Cio article

5 tips for defending against advanced persistent threats | CIO

APTs are increasing in occurrence and severity, as are the costs associated with protecting businesses adequately from. Is your organization prepared to do battle against an APT? You better be.

Netmon article

How to select the best network monitoring tool

Optimal enterprise network performance is more mission-critical than ever; here’s how to find the tool to best monitor its performance.

Fg2 customer profitability dashboard article

How to use Microsoft Power BI for dashboards and more | CIO

Power BI brings intuitive data analysis to both the executive level as well as Microsoft Office power users who have a penchant for number crunching, data slicing and dicing, and reporting.