I'm a writer and content developer.

I write articles about Windows, IT security, certifications and the like, and develop online and on-ground courses.

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Insider threat detection tools that sniff out dangers from within

Learn about the insider threat detection tools that can zero-in on anomalous user behavior. Malicious or accidental, the insider threat is one of the most dangerous and costly to companies.

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How to craft an effective DevSecOps process with your team

Switching to a DevSecOps model in software development offers many benefits, but combining security and DevOps takes knowledge, forethought and planning.

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Introduction to vulnerability management tools

Organizations today, from small businesses with Web and email access to multisite global enterprises, face increasingly sophisticated attacks carried out over the Internet.

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The business case for vulnerability management tools

IT vulnerabilities can affect any organization of any size, in any industry across the world.

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Seven criteria for buying vulnerability management tools

Vulnerability management tools use scanners to discover and identify network-attached computers, firewalls and other devices -- as well as operating systems and applications -- and assess those entities for vulnerabilities.

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Comparing the top vulnerability management tools

Vulnerability management tools include the ability to detect and identify assets in an IT infrastructure, detect vulnerabilities, provide descriptions of vulnerabilities . . .


SearchSecurity.com's IT security certifications guide

Afraid of making a wrong turn in your career? Our 2015 guide to information security certifications maps out all your options.