I'm a writer and content developer.

I write articles about Windows, IT security, certifications and the like, and develop online and on-ground courses.

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Security sergeynivens article

Stopping the Insider Threat: Securing Your Business from Employees

An insider threat – someone inside your network who is maliciously or accidentally causing havoc – is one of the most dangerous risks facing organizations today. Find out how to prevent or deter damage from an insider threat using both no-tech and high-tech solutions.

Image Credit: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock

Google identity services article

Are IoT Devices Putting Your Organization at Risk?

In the offices of today's small and midsize business, you might find a vast array of smart devices, such as printers, cameras, utility sensors and door locks, all of which can communicate with other devices through wireless connections. Even the staff break room is beginning to benefit from next-generation technologies, such as smart refrigerators and smart coffee makers.

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Certificate article

5 Great 'Starter' Cybersecurity Certifications

Looking for a career change in the new year? There's no better time to consider a career in cybersecurity: U.S. businesses and government agencies are spending billions of dollars each year to protect their data and assets from malicious attacks, with Forbes reporting that $170 billion will be spent worldwide by 2020.

Bnd encryption article

A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption

Image credit: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock

Encryption is a difficult concept to grasp, but it's a necessary part of protecting your business's sensitive data. At a basic level, encryption is the process of scrambling text (called ciphertext) to render it unreadable to unauthorized users. You can encrypt individual files, folders, volumes or entire disks within a computer, as well as USB flash drives and files stored in the cloud.